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Kevin and Dan Hageman were the screenwriters for the Ninjago television series from the initial development phase until the ninth season. They became involved in the project after being invited to pitch an early story concept for a Lego-based movie that would eventually be titled The Lego Movie. After making a successful pitch to The Lego Group for the film, the Hageman Brothers were asked to write the story for a 44-minute animated television special based on an original Lego property about ninjas. Initially it was intended to be a one-hour special, but the Hageman Brothers decided that they wanted to make it into a saga similar to a high-end blockbuster movie, "like Star Wars with ninjas".[25] They took their inspiration from movies and television shows of the time, including films produced by Marvel and Steven Spielberg. Dan Hageman recalled, "We're looking at Star Wars. We're creating a land and there's magic in this land, there's weapons in this land, there's vehicles in this land...we wanted to make something not necessarily that would appeal to children, but that would appeal to us". Kevin Hageman noted that there was a lot of disposable entertainment for children at that time. He explained, "We wanted something that treats the kids intelligently, also emotionally intelligently. They understand drama. Let's give them a story that's going to continue because it's serialised...we thought of it more as one giant movie or a miniseries. I think that really added a lot of depth, a lot of heart, to Ninjago that you don't see on other shows".[27]

italian movie download Ninja

In the eighth season, the appearances of Lloyd and the ninja were noticeably different from their appearances in previous seasons. Sons of Garmadon implemented a new phase for the ninjas' designs, which were now based on the designs of their movie counterparts in The Lego Ninjago Movie.[36] The design change aimed to help new fans of the movie transition to the television series. The start of the season marked updated appearances for each of the main characters, including changes to their hair and faces, and these new appearances have continued to be used throughout subsequent seasons. Although Lloyd looks almost identical to his movie design, he was given a new voice actor Sam Vincent, who took over the role from Jillian Michaels, while the other ninja retained their original voice actors.[37] Design Manager, Michael Svane Knap explained that these changes were inspired by the movie in terms of the detail level. He commented, "We pulled in some of the character designs from the movie into the TV show afterwards. That was born of wanting to get more uniqueness to the characters. Something that added a lot of character to these ninja that we didn't have before were the hairstyles for them, so we managed to create something that was completely unique for Ninjago with how the characters looked".[38]

Pilot Episode Mini-movies - six short films that take place immediately after the Pilot Season, released in 2011[130]Chen Mini-movies - five mini-movies that focus on Master Chen and his chair from Season 4, released in 2015[131]Tall Tales - six mini-movies that focus on the Sky Pirates of Season 6, released in 2016[132]Wu's Teas - a collection of 20 Ninjago shorts that focus on Master Wu's tea shop, released in 2017[133]Happy Birthday To You! - a one-minute Ninjago short, released on Netflix on 14 September 2017Ninjago: Decoded - a mini-series of ten episodes which takes place between Season 7 and Season 8, released on 27 November 2017[134]Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu - six Ninjago: Legacy films from the Lego website that take place between Season 9 and Season 10, released 19 December 2018[135]Prime Empire shorts - six Ninjago shorts that provide additional background information about Season 12, released in 2020[136] Ninjago: Reimagined - five Ninjago Legacy shorts in different animation styles released in 2021 alongside the series' 10th anniversary[137]The Virtues of Spinjitzu - six Ninjago shorts in which Master Wu teaches the ninja about the six fundamental virtues of Spinjitzu, released in 2022.[138][139][140][141][142][143]


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