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Teen Handcuffed Vids

The 14-year-old who was handcuffed by police as they broke up a fight at a New Jersey mall is speaking out about the incident, which prompted an internal investigation over the police's apparent treatment of the Black teen.

teen handcuffed vids

In a viral video of the incident, police are seen responding to a fight between the teen, Kye, and another teenager at the Bridgewater Commons Mall in New Jersey on Feb. 12, but after breaking up the fight, police only handcuffed Kye, who is Black.

The video, which was taken by a bystander, appears to show the two teens arguing and then they begin to throw punches at each other. Kye told New York ABC station WABC that the fight started after the other teen began picking on Kye's friend and he stood up to him. Shortly after, two Bridgewater Township police officers arrived at the scene and broke up the altercation.

The teens were outside near the front door causing a disturbance when Amiott ordered them to leave the area, he said in his report. At one point, the 16-year-old defiantly loudly used an expletive, the officer wrote.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office has placed a deputy on administrative leave and launched an investigation after the deputy was seen in a video pressing a Black handcuffed teenager against a wall and saying, "I'll show you what f---ing freedom of speech is."

A video showing a police officer in Illinois appearing to use pepper-spray on two teens in handcuffs at police headquarters in Alton, a city about 25 miles north of St. Louis, has prompted a state investigation.

Two New Jersey police officers are under investigation after a video shows them seemingly showing preference to a white teen while pinning a Black teen down after breaking up their fight at a shopping mall last weekend. The viral clip has many, including the white teen involved, alleging bias.

Joey actually throws Kye onto a couch, but eventually, the tussle leads them to the ground. Joey maintains the advantage by standing over Kye, as the Black teen swings wildly from his unfortunate position. Within 10 to 15 seconds of the fight starting, the officers swarm in.

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"I'm not saying there are not better ways to do things," Mazzeo said during a press conference Sunday night. "But let's be realistic about what we're facing. ...It's not TV, it's not Hollywood. We don't have a simple (situation), where we can put on out our hands and have somebody be instantly handcuffed and comply. It's not a simple situation."

He was clearly exasperated and said officers must deal with the stress and trauma of these situations. Mazzeo said the child was handcuffed during another call in November and said she didn't receive the help she needed at that point. He declined to provide specifics of this November incident.

In grainy surveillance video relased by the city authorities officers are seen struggling with the teen, whose name has not yet been released, before putting her in the back seat of a patrol car parked next to the where 12-year-old Tamir Rice lay on the snowy ground bleeding. Rice's killing at the hands of a white police officer is among the latest flashpoints in a nationwide outcry against what many call police brutality against black communities.

The new video begins with the shooting of Rice. About 90 seconds later, Rice's sister runs toward her fallen brother and Garmback immediately pushes her to the ground. Garmback and another officer are then shown handcuffing the struggling teen and finally placing her in the back seat of Loehmann and Garmback's patrol car.

An independent agency that investigates police conduct has released a body and dash cam video of the shooting of Paul O'Neal an 18-year-old unarmed black teenager. He was shot to death by Chicago police last week as he ran from a stolen automobile in the city's South Shore neighborhood. The head of that agency called the video, quote, "shocking and disturbing."

And so when you finally do see Paul O'Neal, he is on the ground, face down. He's being handcuffed. Blood is coming out of his back. An officer has a foot on one of his legs as if to restrain him. And there's confusion because police are saying to each other, did you shoot? Were you shot at? And so there is a kind of mayhem quality.

You hear a lot of stories about people who have been arrested and handcuffed but who still manage to injure a law enforcement officer. In this tip, risk management expert and Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham discusses how to improve control of arrestees. 041b061a72


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