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Daemon Tools Lite 449 Serial Number

i have also noticed that the number is given incorrectly in the worldcat record (in parenthesis, it is given as 449, but the book actually has 450 pages). please, when you update the worldcat record, you may want to check if the correct number is actually cited for this particular record.

Daemon Tools Lite 449 Serial Number

i'm sending you this question because my daemon tools lite 449 book contains a miscontribution from the publisher who's number is listed in the wrong place. i'm not sure how they recorded this miscontribution since there appears to be only one publisher and no date of publication. could you help me out with what order of publishing this might be?

yet, another daemon tools lite 449 question here. would it be alright if i created a new entry (at my own risk) under the miscontribution item called book deceptions? i think that it would be very difficult to find a book on the subject that does not include this little falsehood somewhere in the text. thanks!

who is responsible for this record? it says 1971-01-01. however, the publication date from the copyright page is 1975-01-01 and the worldcat.oclc id is: 000001210120200005913953d0100000001. who is responsible for this? it looks like it is from a different publisher than the other versions of daemon tools lite 449.

i posted a question on how to handle several book editions of the same book, with different isbn's. in this case, one of the editions may be an electronic edition. how would this be handled? on the one hand, the book can be merged together into one entry, and the entries that were for the different editions can be kept. on the other hand, the different isbn's can be listed, but the only entry would be for the "first" isbn. if this is the case, what is the format of this entry? this is the only variant of daemon tools lite 449. i do not know if these books are different or the same. thank you. mhhutchins 19:24, 18 september 2013 (utc)


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